Fearless Fletcher –
a creative detective agency

We solve problems, challenges, conundrums and complex marketing mysteries, resorting to any means necessary. We can be very subtle about it or strategically far-reaching, should you wish so.

At its best, marketing can work as a means to solve business challenges. Sometimes what you need is a covert operation, such as a new corporate identity. At other times, you can uncover hidden truths by illuminating infographics, tantalising illustrations or creative marketing concepts.

In dire situations, unravelling the tangle you are in requires strategic inspection and closer, long-term collaboration.

Fearless Fletcher solves…

Have you lost your reason for being, or simply forgotten to explain it to your customers? Fletcher will dig up the stories behind business ventures and reveals them using any means necessary. But always with style and grace. And by leaving a trace.

The mystery of the invisible brand

Let’s uncover the essence of your brand and polish it up so bright that event blind uncle Simon can’t avoid noticing. Fletcher designs visual identities and messages that will be remembered. And logos that work like a burn mark.

The lost concept or a misleading strategy

Your company’s needs and desires are what offsets creative marketing concepts. Explain the change you wish to bring about, and Fletcher will come up with the solution. If you’re not quite certain what you need, or even what your target audience is, let us investigate further. 

The line up of usual suspects

When you are clear about your needs, it is essential that you also know who to direct your messaged to and how to reach them. If necessary, Fletcher can go undercover and act as a spy on your behalf.

The riddle of the forgotten story

We all have a skeleton in the closet and a smocking piece in a sock drawer. Or at least an interesting story of how they got there. Even you. Let’s dig up the truth and frame it so well, no one will ever forget about them.  

If you can’t quite match your needs to any of the above, but something is still keeping you up at nights, don’t worry. Let’s see if Fletcher can solve that puzzle too.

Fletcher who?

Time to cough up the truth. My name is not Fletcher. But there are times when you need to go incognito or operate under an alias. Like that time last summer…
My real name is Johanna Kerrman. I am a creative concept designer and Art Director with over 20 years of experience in the trade.

I have resolved countless marketing mysteries for a number or different operators, from building consumer brands to impressive B2B contents, including:

  • B2B campaigns, concepts and content for major media brands such as Helsingin Sanomat, Sanoma Media Finland, Alma Talent and Iltalehti
  • Content marketing strategies and concepts for large Finnish corporations
  • Visual identities for companies such as Sanoma Media Finland and the 2020 Evento Awards winner Get Tomorrow event
  • As well as countless design projects, websites, video concepts and, you name it
  • Led my own design team

I’m a visionary problem solver. An out-of-the-box-thinker the like of which you can’t find even with the help of a tracker dog, cat or a camel. I am also curious and somewhat fearless. These characteristics, combined with a master’s degree in communications and my illustrious working history, make me an excellent marketing detective. One that leads tenderfoots into the limelights and dreamers to the firing lines.

Fless Creative is a creative agency founded by Johanna Kerrman

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