Fearless Fletcher

Creative Detective

Fearless Fletcher is an undercover creative detective famous for solving complex marketing mysteries and uncovering striking brand identities. Fletcher digs up the hidden stories behind business ventures and brings them to light using any means necessary but always with style and meaning that will not go unnoticed.

The power of your brand shouldn’t be a mystery to you but the very reason of your existence

Fearless Fletcher

Braking news just in…

Something mysterious is going on

Is your brand fading away? Taking with it a big ol’ chuck of your market value?

This phenomenon has been spreading like a virus of late in big cities and small towns across America. And beyond. Be aware neighbor, if we don’t take action now we will lose many valuable corporate identities across the globe which in turn could make the stock markets plummet.

To solve the mystery of fading brands and missing design, who we gonna call?! Fearless Fletcher!

Fearless Fletcher’s creative detective agency will give new life to dated brands and faded design from sticking corporate identified to clever marketing concepts and show stopping web design. Fearless Fletcher tackles just about anything related to brand design and creative marketing. Rest assured, your mystery will be solved, whatever it takes…


If your brand is disappearing or you have witnessed a disappearing brand firsthand contact us immediately. We will report back and solve the mystery right away, no questions asked.


Fless Creative by Johanna Kerrman


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